Can I try a class first?

You are welcome to come along and see what we're all about. New customers will receive a joining discount (first class FREE) if they join following their trial. Enquire or book your session here. 

How much do classes cost?

Indoor classes cost just £36 for each 6-week block. If you are a new customer, your first class will be free if you book a block! If you join after a block has begun, you will only need to pay for the remaining weeks. We also offer sibling discounts - just ask! 

Outdoor classes cost £30 (babies) or £48 (toddlers and preschoolers) for a 6-week block. Toddlers and preschoolers will also receive refreshments and complete a take-home craft each week! 

We now offer pay as you go options for all our classes (places must be booked in advance). Prices are as follows: 

£7 for indoor classes
£6 for outdoor classes (babies)
£8.50 for outdoor classes including refreshments and a take-home craft (toddlers/preschoolers)

How can I pay?

We accept both cash and card payments. If you decide to sign up at the end of your taster session, we will take a few further details from you and can then pay for the remaining weeks in the block. 

Our card machine accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express and we can also accept Samsung, Apple or Android Pay. 

Do I have to enrol my child at the beginning of the term?

Not at all! Start dates are completely flexible - you can join at any point in the year. If you join after the start of a term, you will just pay for the remaining weeks in that block. 

How long do classes last?

Classes run for 45 minutes from start to finish, ensuring that little ones can get the most out of a session without becoming too tired. 

Do you run classes in the school holidays? 

Yes! All our classes run during the school holidays. There may occasionally be a break between blocks to allow for make-up classes in the case of bad weather or teacher absence. All classes break for two weeks in the summer and two weeks during the Christmas period. 

Can I bring along twins or triplets? 

By all means! If you have twins or triplets, you will only pay for the cost of one child. You are very welcome to bring along a friend or relative to lend a hand, although our class teachers are always more than happy to help. 

I have older/younger children too. Can they come along? 

Yes of course! We just ask that older or younger siblings do not take actively part in classes that are not appropriate for their age. During school holidays, we welcome siblings of any age to come along and join the fun! Please just let us know in advance, so we can avoid classes becoming too busy. 


If you attend a preschool class, then as long as your other child is under the age of 1, you can bring them along free of charge! 

When can my child move to the next class level?

We do not believe in moving a child to the next class simply because their age dictates they should be ready. Nor do we believe in preventing a child from joining the next class level sooner that their age would suggest. In other words, we will let you and your child decide which class is suitable for them*! 

*This may occasionally be subject to availability of space in your desired class. 

What happens if I can't attend a class?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for unattended classes. If you cannot attend your regular class, you are welcome to do a 'make-up session' at any of our other locations during the week, as long as advance notice is given. If this isn't possible, you are also welcome to invite a friend or relative to take your place at no extra cost to them!  

Can I drop off my child and collect them at the end of the class? 

We ask that all children are accompanied by an adult during all our classes. Your presence isn't required just to supervise though, we want you to join in too! There is no better way to bond with your baby or child than through shared experiences and our classes provide the perfect opportunity to spend some quality play time together. 

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